Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturers

Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers

Ts Ayurveda has been delivering advanced and revolutionary skincare products Since 2016. We offer Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturing Services. We can design product packaging to meet your standards. We are personal care product manufacturers, retailers, and exporters. We do use organic and natural ingredients in our cosmetics. After careful testing, we prepare our beauty products and essential oils. These personal care items are created with the knowledge and experience of our R&D team.

Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturers in india

Understanding part of people’s daily body care needs is useful for us when introducing new products. Our core principles are to consider the customer’s desires, build in accordance with the buyer’s specifications, and serve the best of nature’s resources to customers for their complete skin care needs.

We have a team of experienced sales executives and managers ready to assist you with the private labelling process and creating the best product range for your clients. They assist you in asking the right questions and obtaining answers to the most difficult problems.

With the best herbs, extracts, and essential oils extracted from Mother Nature’s earth-beds, we concentrate on taking excellent care of your skin, hair, and body. We have a skilled team of graphic designers who create the latest templates moulded to the client’s specifications in order to make the product packaging look appealing and entice customers.

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Choosing ingredients for your skincare line can be a time-consuming process. Our expert sales executives, on the other hand, are available to walk you through the process. They are qualified to ask you the right questions, allowing you to quickly build your product selections while still matching the needs of your customers.



When you’ve decided on your products, your account executive will assist you in making your packaging choices. We have a full onsite packing process showroom. If it seems overwhelming, don’t worry; we’ll make it easy for you. Once you have addressed some critical questions about your budget and vision, your sales associate will assist you in selecting from a variety of packaging options.

Despite the fact that we have a full range of packaging solutions that are included in the retail cost, a couple of these available options can be considered an improvement at the price of a fair fee. Your sales associate will guide you through the various packaging choices.


Following the selection of your skincare items and packaging, the next move is to discuss your brand. It is important to understand your target shopper as well as your company’s brand image. Even if it seems confusing, we will direct you through a simple branding brief involving a few simple and fast questions about your brand in order to create a look that fits you and is well-received.

Even if it seems daunting, we will direct you through a simple branding brief involving a few simple and fast questions about your brand in order to create a look that fits you and is appreciated by your customers.

Tap here to see our Design Brief & Branding.

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Creating YOUR Packaging Design

Following the establishment of your logo, product and packaging choices, the next step is to design your packaging. At TS Ayurveda, we take it much more seriously than simply affixing a logo to an existing mark. For us, it is the smartest design procedure to turn your Brand on your skincare product range.

Our talented team will create many iterations of your labels for you to digitally review and provide feedback on. Our revised innovative procedures are fair and user-friendly, resulting in a rapidly expanding company in the shortest amount of time possible.



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Our advice does not stop just because you have your latest private label skin care manufacturers. Our expert team will then move on to provide you with the required assistance and knowledge for promoting and selling your goods. Whether it’s our online ingredient database, product brochures, or even our trained skincare experts, we’ll provide you with the knowledge you need to become one of the most thriving businesses in the skincare industry.

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