Private Label Body Care Products Manufacturers

Get vibrant and shining, beautiful young skin with a diverse range of body cleansers and shower gel, and other herbal skincare products at We can manufacture and package an excellent range of body care products for private label brands who want to ascertain their market position with the right packaging and product quality.

Every product made bypasses the Ayush Certification stage and ensures you natural and plant-based product options. Essential Vitamin E, antioxidants and Shea Butter that nurture your skin pores is our top priority.

We also offer a range of hydrating lotions, skin oils and moisturizers that deal with all types of skin allergies and other issues, giving it a firm tone. And every product includes herbal ingredients so that it stays safe on the skin. You can also pick out the extended sun-protection range of body products that includes all types of sun-tanning products for your body needs.

Private labelling, Nature-Based products, and Ayush Certification is our USP!

TS Ayurveda (Tridev Samrath Ayurveda) imparts high-level customer satisfaction due to our top-notch product quality and multiple level product checks! Consistent quality and attractive product packaging make us the market leader in this niche.

We are the Top Private Label Body Care Manufacturers!

Our insight for the product quality expands each day, and therefore we end up delivering you the best body care products that deeply nourishes dry or oily skin. We have products suiting for types of weather conditions.


We aim at offering the products that help our valuable clients always to ace the competitive markets. Our years of experience in the cosmetic industry and market intelligence can help develop new horizons of growth and opportunities for the customers. If you wish to establish a unique ayurvedic product-based brand in the market, we are the suitable choice for you.

What makes us distinct from other third-party manufacturers?

  • Time-to-time updates on new product launch.
  • In-depth analysis of every product.
  • Detailed guidance of product MRP's.
  • Promotional strategy for the marketing of products.
  • Acute product training to hit the right customer base.


TS Ayurveda (Tridev Samrath Ayurveda) is more than pleased to venture with you in creating a private label for the cosmetic brand. You can fill in a small form and connect with us right away!

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