We abide by the vision of persistence in quality, creativity and client satisfaction! Our contract manufacturing unit stretch as a support system to the clients who desire to develop their private labels in the market.  The scientific approach and dedication to maintaining the quality of all herbal, supplement and Ayurveda-influenced product range help us stand proud in the competitive market. Every strategy and product designed at TS Ayurveda caters to the personalized customer needs and preferences!


We have an expert team of professional consultants, designers, engineers and cosmetic specialists who meticulously create a benchmark for every product and service. And every brand we relate to is our dream that we accomplish with the collective approach of top professionals from the industry. As contract cosmetic manufacturers, we aim to develop, package and manufacture the products that help you build a market image.

Innovation is at its best scale in our workplace. The hardworking and ingenious experts with us develop out-of-the-box ideas and rock-solid plans to execute when it comes to packaging and development concepts.


TS Ayurveda majorly concentrates on Paraben-free and herbal products that satiate the customer needs of high-end products in the market. We assure a 100% quality check for every product manufactured by us with our valuable resources and skilled workforce.


TS Ayurveda can help you in making the dreams come true by designing a perfect label for you. We undergo multiple product development stages, including testing, product sampling, and brand labeling, to customize the name as per your desire. We can impart you the optimum excellence to enter the product line for being successful in the retail sales.


Recent cosmetic market diversion is majorly towards the contract manufacturers who develop a brand and entire product range for your company. Such private label products have a different manufacturer, and they get marketed under the other company’s brand name. TS Ayurveda works diligently in skin and hair care cosmetics that clients can sell under their private labels.

What products and services we offer?

Being the third party or the contract manufacturers for an herbal and Ayurveda cosmetic range, we pursue innovative ideas and concepts that are non-repetitive. Our motto is to consistently imply utilization of high-end product quality that reaches the client’s expectation. Our hair, skin and body care product range gets regulated with stringent quality control and monitoring.

We also believe in maintaining an in-house quality check control team that analyses every product closely on all parameters. Starting from the development stage to the manufacturing part, we govern all the processes carefully. Every product available with us is FDA Governed and transferred to other laboratories for the next-level testing.

When you decide to choose TS Ayurveda, it guarantees attention-grabbing packaging and brand labeling with expertise and excellence.


Our insights and experience in the personal health supplement & cosmetic industry often enable clients to get the best branding in the market. Here is a list of services we offer as the contract manufacturers:

  • Personal consultation- We can offer advisory on all types of queries and concerns related to product development to concept designing. Even for the attractive packaging, we follow trivial norms so that the customer can get the best!
  • Product formulation and material- Our brilliance in offering A-Grade tailored product formulations helps companies develop the desirable product range. After comprehensive research and detailed analysis, we offer products that stay in pace with the cosmetic industry of Asia, Africa and other regions of the Middle East.
  • Product Manufacturing- Every product we manufacture complies with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Our sync with the FSSAI recommendations and feasible facilities for product manufacturing help in getting the best products. We also strictly work as per the ESMA/ CTFA regulations. Following it guarantees product quality, and there is the batch-wise release of cosmetics from the primary unit. No animal testing and temperature checks for the new formulations is the regime we always follow!
  • Packaging with advanced graphics- Any products can get marketable only when the packaging appears visually appealing, and customers lure to buy them. The uniqueness of the product packaging is important to us as we aim at the striking look of the product.

Well-built Infrastructure

As TS Ayurveda is both into product development and packaging, a stable and technically advanced infrastructure is the basic necessity. The infrastructural excellence we pertain is a plus point due to which many clients believe in us. Power-packed with the latest technology and modern equipment, our business infrastructure is well-equipped to handle multiple facets of product development like design, production, testing, packaging, marketing and even warehousing.

A team of talented professionals works day and night to meet product deliveries’ on tight deadlines to our esteemed clients. Several small teams coordinate and work in pace for the fabrication of the brilliant product quality.

Why should you choose us?

TS Ayurveda is a reliable name for contract manufacturing of advanced products in the cosmetic range to be in sync with the market competition. Our company growth and success is mainly based on the customer satisfaction and fulfillment of every requirement with loyalty, professionalism and fineness.

Few benefits of associating with us are:

  • Flexible payment options
  • Timely delivery of product batches
  • Early delivers on mutual agreement and prior intimidation
  • Years of experience in the cosmetic industry
  • Skilled workforce and solid infrastructure
  • Client-centric policies
  • Complete transparency of deals
  • Competitive market rates
  • Heavy production capacity


At TS Ayurveda, we realize that the customer expectations need to be fulfilled timely, and the collaboration retains for a long time. We endeavor to make the customers feel valued and consider them top priority over and above anything else.

TS Ayurveda also symbolizes quality assurance so that every product meets up your expectations, and that’s the reason why we ace in the queue of contract manufacturing niche. Our sole consideration is to optimize the best of our knowledge and skills for working as the efficient supplier of superior quality health supplement & cosmetic products.


We have a learned and skilled team of employees who work to retain the NO.1 Position in the market. They also ensure that every client requirement stays on schedule and there is continuous improvisation in the system. Every employee in our team goes under strenuous training to offer the best services. We empower the ultimate goal of restructuring the cosmetic market with impeccable contract manufacturing services!

Our vision is to be a market leader in third-party manufacturing and private labeling services. We set benchmarks for the cosmetic sector and give a complete commitment of excellent quality with perseverance!